Monday, February 15, 2021

Dehumidifier ORION Humi 230g lavender


The dehumidifier and the air freshener with the scent of lavender in one will help you prevent moisture in the apartment, in the house, warehouses, garages, etc., and in addition, the room will smell pleasant. It is suitable for areas that are not regularly ventilated, but also for periods when the heating stops and the humidity increases. Container material: plastic. There are granules in the plastic container that absorb moisture from the air and it remains at the bottom of the container. It releases a pleasant scent (lavender), makes no sound, does not need electricity, is small, so you will not get confused anywhere. Disposable absorber - after filling the container with water, throw it away and install a new absorber.

Dehumidifier ORION Humi 230g lavender, 8592381122904

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