Thursday, February 4, 2021

Derma Cotone Eco Naturals make-up removal pads 50pcs

 Eco Naturals make-up removal pads 

they are made of 100% pure cotton and bamboo.
In particular, bamboo, free  of natural parasites, allows the cultivation
free of pesticides  and chemicals, thus allowing it  to be more targeted
towards all consumers looking for  a high-quality product,
but at the same time with very low environmental pollution.
Given the very high quality of the product,  the stitching on the edge allows to keep them compact.
They all consist of two different surfaces:
the striped side is ideal for removing make-up; the smooth side, suitable for applying make-up.

The “Dischetti” line is available in packs of 120 pieces
The “Quadrotti” and “Ovali” lines  are available in packs of 50 pieces

Derma Cotone Eco Naturals make-up removal pads 50pcs, 8052283170309

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