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Dr. Beckmann Colour Catcher Sheets: Your Shield Against Discoloration

Protect your colorful garments and simplify your laundry routine with Dr. Beckmann Colour Catcher Sheets. These innovative sheets offer extra color binding in the water, ensuring perfect protection against discoloration and bringing a vibrant color brilliance effect to your laundry. Sorting becomes less of a hassle as you can confidently combine colors without the fear of bleeding.

Key Features:

  1. Extra Color Binding:

    • The sheets boast extra color binding in the water, preventing colors from bleeding onto other fabrics.
  2. Perfect Protection Against Discoloration:

    • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your garments are shielded against discoloration during the wash.
  3. Color Brilliance Effect:

    • Experience the brilliance of colors in your laundry, enhancing the vibrancy of each garment.
  4. Double Protection: Microfiber + Color Trap Molecules:

    • Dr. Beckmann Colour Catcher Sheets provide double protection, utilizing both microfiber and color trap molecules to ensure optimal results.
  5. Simple Application:

    • Easy to use—simply add 1-2 sheets to the washing machine along with your laundry, following your usual detergent dosage.
  6. Disposal:

    • Dispose of the used sheets in household waste after the wash cycle.

Important Instructions:

  • Care Labels: Observe the care labels on your textiles.
  • Initial Washing: Wash new colored laundry separately the first time.
  • For Intense Colors: For heavily bleeding, dark, color-intensive textiles, consider using Dr. Beckmann ULTRA paint & dirt traps.
  • Device Manufacturer's Instructions: Follow the instructions provided by the washing machine manufacturer.
  • Laundry Bags Tip: Towels can be placed in laundry bags for added convenience.
  • Hygiene: Not suitable for personal hygiene.

Safety Measures:

  • Keep Out of Reach: Keep the Colour Catcher Sheets out of reach of children.


  • Product: Dr. Beckmann Colour Catcher Sheets
  • EAN (European Article Number): 4008455016719
  • Simplify your laundry routine and protect your favorite colors with Dr. Beckmann Colour Catcher Sheets. Their innovative design ensures a vibrant and worry-free laundry experience.

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