Friday, July 8, 2022

Dr. Beckmann Colour Catcher Sheets 44pcs

 Dr. Beckmann  Colour Catcher Sheets:

  • with extra color binding in the water
  • perfect protection against discoloration
  • Color brilliance effect
  • Combine colors - sort less
  • Double protection: microfiber + color trap molecules
1. Fill the washing machine with laundry as usual. Use a normal dosage of detergent.
2. Depending on the color intensity of the textiles, add 1-2 cloths to the drum and start the desired washing program. 
3. There is excess color in the cloth. Dispose of the cloth in the household waste after the wash cycle.

Warning notices

Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

Important instructions

Observe the care labels on the textiles. Wash new colored laundry separately the first time. For heavily bleeding, dark, color-intensive textiles: Dr. Use Beckmann ULTRA paint & dirt traps. Please observe the device manufacturer's instructions for use. Tip: The towels can be put in laundry bags. Not suitable for personal hygiene.


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