Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree Set


Product description

Grow your own bonsai tree with this fantastic grown your own bonsai tree set. Everything inside the set allows for you to be able to grow your own bonsai tree at home. Included are seeds, plant food, compost, and a planter. The bonsai tree will be so easy to grow using the set with simple instructions to follow. Simply fill the pot provided with the provided compost and then place the seed in the soil and cover lightly with soil. 

Place the pot in a bright location such as in a windowsill and add water regularly. Shoots will start to appear and eventually produce your bonsai tree. The set would be a great gift at Christmas or for a birthday for people who enjoy growing their own plants and for people who like bonsai trees. You get plenty of seeds for several attempts at growing a bonsai tree from seed is a long process but is very rewarding.

  • Quality Glazed Contemporary Ceramic Planter (18x18x9cm) To Re-Use Again And Again
  • Contents - Seeds, compost, and planter
  •  Ideal As A Present Or Gift For That Special Someone
Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree Set, 5055128615358

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