Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Scale Remover Sano Anti Kalk For Washing Machines 500 ml

 Sano Anti Kalk For Washing Machines limescale remover is a revolutionary product for quick and effective descaling of heating elements of automatic washing machines. The product prevents the formation of limescale, provides more efficient washing of laundry, and extends the life of the washing machine.

Also suitable for dishwashers.

For best results, it is recommended to add Sano Anti Kalk with every load of laundry.

Sano Anti Kalk Washing Machine Descaler has been awarded the Platinum Mark by the Israel Standards Institute.

Mode of application:

  • Pour the entire contents of one bottle into the empty drum of the washing machine
  • Run the machine in the shortest possible wash cycle without laundry
  • Let the complete program work out

The tool is most effective at 30 ° C.

Volume: 500 ml

Scale Remover  Sano Anti Kalk For Washing Machines 500 ml, 7290010935260

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