Monday, May 24, 2021

Gel bleach ACE Ultra Power Gel Floral Perfume 750ml

 ACE Bleach Gel is one of the most effective liquid bleaches in the world. It contains additives that protect the fabric from damage and therefore bleaches better and more gently than other liquid bleaches. ACE effectively removes stains from tea, wine, blueberries, fruit, and coffee, stains of organic origin, and also restores the laundry of washed fabrics.

ACE is a new generation bleach that does not require digestion. And thanks to special substances preventing damage to fabrics, ACE effectively whitens not only cotton but also synthetic fabrics.
Perfectly whitens even in cold water and in just a few minutes, no matter if you wash by hand or in a laundry machine.

Use for white fabrics.
Do not use colored clothing, wool, silk, or leather.
Pour detergent into the main wash compartment of automatic washing machines.
When washing by hand, do not add other detergents.
Rinse the fabric after processing.

Country of origin: Italy


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