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Mūsainā Hadžere Fahri Erdinčs


Valoda:Latviešu val.
Lpp skaits:183

in Akhisar, Turkey
January 01, 1917

November 11, 1986

He was born in 1917 (January 1) in Akhisar. His father was teacher Halil Yaşar, from the Çandıroğulları family of Ankara origin. One year after her mother gave birth to Erdinç, she died of tuberculosis. Later, the awareness of this loss and motherlessness, growing up in a crowded family with stepmother, the tobacco suffering that took most of his childhood sleep, and a year later, his tin apprentice matured elementary school student Erdinç prematurely and led him to know life more closely.

He entered the Balıkesir Teacher Training School in 1930. He started teaching in the village of Ürküt in the Sandıklı district of Afyon in the 1936-37 academic year. Three years of work here were spent outside of professional pursuits, at odds with a reactionary teacher who swept the village.

Erdinç left his father's profession in the 1938-39 academic year and became a student at the Theater Department of the Ankara State Conservatory, where he passed the exam. In this department, he met Sabahattin Ali, a faculty member. In his first stories, which he started to write in the same year, he took advantage of his advice.

Erdinç had to quit his education due to his objections to the strict management and some privileges in the Conservatory, and some of the difficulties in his living. He returned to his profession. However, after serving as a reserve officer, he left his profession completely in 1943. He worked in building sites (as a subcontractor clerk and punter) for a while.

Thus, Erdinç, who focused on the fate of the people at the base of the society in his first writing essays, got to know them closely in the village, barracks and city, business life and increased his observations and impressions.

In 1946, he passed from a building site in Ankara to the state radio, where he passed the exam. He worked in the representation branch for three years. In the meantime, after the poetry book Şen Olasın Halep Şehri (İstanbul-1945), "Seçilmiş Hikâyeler Dergisi" (1948, number 8) published a special issue with his stories in Ankara.

Attracting the attention of the conservative-reactionary circles of the time with his appearance around progressive artists in the capital and his stories published in some magazines, Erdinç was arrested in 1947 because of a conflict that made him insult the president and remained in prison (several months) during his trial that resulted in acquittal. In Ankara prison, he had the opportunity to get to know some of the people whose destiny he dealt with. He also established relations with some communists here for the first time.

Erdinç could not find a living after he was released from prison. Incompatible family life also increased his depression. While he was struggling with this distress, the killing of his beloved Sabahattin Ali at the Bulgarian border in 1948 drowned Erdinç in great pain. This painful event also inspired him. Shortly after, in September 1949, Erdinç and his two friends (Ziya Yamaç and Tuğrul Deliorman) secretly moved to Bulgaria.

Erdinç and his friends were granted asylum as political immigrants in Bulgaria (October 1949). Thus began his immigration period abroad, which would last until his death.

As long as Erdinç learned the language, he worked as a teller in the "Zhdanov, 9" universal store (1950-51). On the one hand, he attended the Marxist association and the one-year party night school. He worked as an editor for Turkish popular-political publications at BKP Publishing House (1953-58).

In 1957, the "Foreign Office" of the illegal Communist Party of Turkey was able to contact water. He left Bulgaria in March 1958 to participate in active work in the party. He became a member of the TKP on March 20, 1958.

The illegal party work abroad that started in this way lasted 13 years. Having had a heart attack in 1969, Erdinç returned to Bulgaria at the beginning of 1971 and settled down after he had to withdraw from active activities. He started to contribute to the party work from here.

Erdinç learned enough Bulgarian for his literary work, and practically German and Russian. He became a Bulgarian citizen in 1965 and a member of the Bulgarian Writers Union in 1973.

His works did not reach the reader in his own country until 1969 when he went abroad.

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