Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The RA Expeditions (Book Club Edition) by Thor Heyerdahl

 Ra tells of Heyerdahl's voyage from N. Africa to S. America in a 45' papyrus boat modeled on those depicted in Egyptian wall paintings. A violent storm ended the 1st expedition but within a year the seven men had embarked on their 2nd journey in Ra II.

One riddle, two answers & no solution
Why a reed boat?
To the Indians in the Cactus Forest
With Bedouin & Buduma in the heart of Africa
Among Black monks at the source of the Nile
In the world of the Pyramid-builders
Out in the Atlantic
Down the African coast to Cape Juby
In the clutches of the sea
Into American waters
RA II, by papyrus boat from Africa to America

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