Saturday, October 2, 2021

Mikeš Stelivo Stelivo - Clumping Cat Litter 5 kg

     Mikeš Standard is an economically advantageous product that makes it easier for the breeder to take care of his pet. Litter creates a completely natural environment for cats, absorbs odors and moisture, and generally increases the hygiene of animal husbandry. reliably absorbs odors and moisture 100% natural litter clumping and economical gray-brown color grain size 0.8 - 5 mm Use Provide a large enough toilet for the cat to use comfortably. Pour litter into the toilet to a height of 6-8 cm. Check the toilet every day and, if necessary, remove lumps and solid excrement with a spatula and throw them away in the local waste. Shake the toilet occasionally to bring fresh granules to the surface. It is sometimes necessary to completely empty the cat toilet and wash it with a suitable cleaning agent. Dry the toilet thoroughly before adding new litter.


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