Sunday, January 16, 2022

SILICONE Baking Sheet Orion

 Silicone board with dimensions of 60 x 50 cm for kneading and rolling the dough.

- The table is made of high-quality silicone resistant to low and high temperatures (from -40 ° C to 220 ° C).

- Perfectly adheres to the tabletop or table.

- Silicone board practically does not require the use of flour - the minimum amount is enough. The dough does not stick to it.

- Contrary to wooden boards, it does not absorb odors and does not soak up liquids.

- It also works well as an oven mat.

- Does not deform, returns to its original shape.

- Takes up very little space, just roll it up or fold it.

- Completely safe for health and neutral for food.

- Do not use sharp knives for cutting, it may damage the boards. We recommend using silicone knives from our offer (catalog code 140457 or 140466).

- Dishwasher safe.

- Original product of the Czech brand Orion.


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