Monday, January 24, 2022

Whiskas Junior with Chicken Complete food 2-12 months 300 g

 Whiskas knows what your little kitten loves and what it naturally needs. Whiskas dry food for 2-12 months contains all the necessary nutrients your kitten needs for healthy development.

- Nutritionally, our dry food is specially formulated to help your kitty grow up to be a healthy cat.
- With an increased content of Vitamin E and Taurine to support the natural immune system.
- With highly digestible chicken to help support the digestive system.
- With calcium to support the healthy development of bones and teeth.
- Tiny granules that will be easily eaten by your kitten.

Whiskas dry food contains delicious patties that are crispy on the outside, with delicate milk filling on the inside.

388 kcal 100 g


Store in a closed container in a dry and cool place.


Recommended daily amount of food

Only dry food ≤3 months / 55 g

only dry food 4-5 months / 65 g

only dry food 6-12 months / 70 g

dry food + sachet * ≤3 months / 20 g + 1½

dry food + sachet * 4-5 months / 20 g + 2

Dry food + Sachet * 6-12 months / 30 g + 2

We recommend feeding your pet Whiskas wet and dry food.

* 100 g

Feeding: For weaning kittens, moisten the dry food with water. From 12 months on, give your cat food intended for adult cats. When changing the feed, take into account the transition period. Adjust the amount of food by dividing it into meals according to the pet's needs. As? Visit our website or call our hotline. Make sure your pet has access to fresh water at all times.


  • cereals
  • meat and animal products (including 4% chicken in brown granules)
  • oils and fats
  • vegetable protein extracts
  • mineral substances
  • milk and dairy products (including 0.7% skimmed milk powder in croquette with filling, which corresponds to 4% skim milk)
  • products of plant origin
  • vegetables (4% carrots in orange granules, 4% peas in green granules)


Package size: 300 g Average measure (e)

Numeric Dimension: 300

Required height on the shelf - 178 mm
Required width on the shelf - 135 mm
Required depth on the shelf - 69 mm

Type of packaging: Reclosable packaging

Gross weight: 315g

EAN CODE: 5900951014079

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