Saturday, February 19, 2022

Cumin seeds (Zira) 500g

 Cumin (sometimes Roman cumin) (Cuminum cyminum) is a herb of the clematis family. Its natural range is from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean to India. Used in cooking as a herb.

Cumin has a strong bitter, slightly nutty smell, which is intensified by crushing or roasting the seeds. Ground cumin is added to meat dishes, vegetables, and chili sauces. It is an important ingredient in both chili and curry powder used in Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, Cuban, and Indian cuisines. Whole cumin seeds are a must in Eastern pilaf. Cumin seeds are used to improve the taste of cheese, cakes, curry powder, and alcoholic beverages. It is added to meat marinades and sauces.

Cumin is used to improve appetite and reduce stomach upset.

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