Friday, February 4, 2022

Dry food for kittens Purina Pro Plan Original Kitten with chicken 400g

 PRO PLAN ORIGINAL KITTEN is a high-protein food for kittens with a combination of all essential nutrients, including vitamins C and D, as well as omega-3 fatty acids and colostrum. Contains OPTISTART, which is proven to promote intestinal health in kittens and reduce the risk of disorders. Helps support healthy vision and brain development with essential nutrients like DHA. The food strengthens the immune system: thanks to colostrum rich in antibodies. Provides a stronger and faster immune response. Supports healthy bone and muscle growth thanks to balanced mineral content and high protein content.

Main ingredients Ingredients
: chicken (20%), poultry protein powder, rice, wheat gluten, corn gluten, animal fat, corn, corn gluten, pea protein concentrate, egg powder, vitamins and minerals, flavoring feed additive, fish oil, colostrum (0.1%).
Vitamins: vitamin a: 36,000 IU/kg; vitamin d3: 1,200 IU/kg; vitamin e: 670 IU/kg; vitamin c: 140 mg/kg.
Minerals: iron: 87 mg/kg; iodine: 2.2 mg/kg; copper: 13 mg/kg; manganese: 141 mg/kg; zinc: 130 mg/kg; selenium: 0.12 mg/kg.
Guaranteed indicators: protein: 40.0%; fat: 20.0%; raw ash: 7.5%; crude fiber: 1.0%; moisture: 6.0%; docosahexaenoic acid: 0.05%. Energy value: 425 kcal/100g.


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