Friday, March 11, 2022

Bazyl Universal 5.3L Clumping Catt Litter

 Bazyl PREMIUM bentonite litter is made of the highest quality bentonite, which is already in the bed is characterized by unique purity and high montmorillonite content (min. 80%). The higher the content of this mineral in the bentonite, the better the absorption of moisture and odors as well as excellent clumping properties.

Bazyl PREMIUM bentonite litters perfectly absorb and neutralize unpleasant odors.

They are characterized by a nice gray-blue color. Bazyl PREMIUM litter is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene, and its very high parameters are monitored and controlled on an ongoing basis by a modern laboratory at the Mineral Raw Materials Processing Plant in Jasło.

Bazyl PREMIUM cat litter is available in 2 fractions: fine - compact (0.7-2mm) and coarse - standard (2-5mm); odorless - universal, and in the following fragrances: sea (sea), forest (pine), lavender (lavender).

Bazyl Universal

Cat litter is made of the highest quality bentonite (montmorillonite content over 80%). It has a homogeneous fine fraction. Perfectly absorbs moisture and unpleasant smell. It clumps perfectly and creates compact, easy-to-remove lumps. It is very efficient and allows you to keep the litter box clean for a long time. Bazyl Universal Cat Litter is dust-free and does not stick to the cat's feet.

  • perfectly absorbs moisture and unpleasant odors
  • clumping
  • odorless
  • fraction: 2 - 5 mm
  • color: gray-blue
  • composition: natural bentonite litter

Who is Bazyl?

Bazyl is our cat. It is our inspiration to create the highest quality products. He showed us what cats need most when they feel comfortable and when they are not. Bazyl has created a range of Bazyl gravel. For the most demanding cats and their owners.

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