Friday, October 20, 2023

Super Benek Natural Bentonite Cat Litter, 5L

Super Benek Natural Bentonite Cat Litter offers a hygienic and cost-effective solution for cat owners. This product is known for its excellent absorbent properties and efficiency, all while maintaining a highly competitive price point in comparison to other products on the market.

Created with a carefully selected formula and utilizing advanced production technologies, this cat litter guarantees quality and effectiveness. It features a low consumption rate and the capacity to absorb both odors and moisture effectively. What's more, it's a hit with cats, making it suitable for all feline friends.

Product Features:

  • Category: Economy.
  • Type: Clumping.
  • Material: Bentonite.
  • Granule Size: A mix of fine and coarse granules.
  • Scent: Natural.
  • Recommended for: All cats.
  • Packaging Volume: 5 liters.
  • Package Weight: 4.2 kg.

A 5-liter package of Super Benek Natural Bentonite Cat Litter is typically sufficient for one cat for approximately 30 days.

Product Details:

  • Category: Cat Litter
  • Odor Control: Yes
  • Brand Registration Country: Poland
  • Country of Origin: Poland
  • EAN: 5905397012696

Opt for Super Benek Natural Bentonite Cat Litter to ensure a clean and fresh environment for your feline companion without straining your budget. It's the perfect balance between affordability and quality.

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