Thursday, April 14, 2022

Cat litter Purrrfect Bentonite Clumping 5l

 Cat litter Purrrfect Bentonite Clumping 5l

White bentonite is a light natural clay that forms permanent clumps. Because the white bentonite granules are small, they are soft on the cat's sensitive feet and form small clumps that are easy to remove.

* Fast caking - reduces the formation of unpleasant odors

* Small compact lumps - easy to remove

* Small granules - soft on sensitive feet

* Remove only lumps - economical, because all the cat litter does not need to be changed as often

* White color - hygienic appearance.

* Dust-free

* Excellent absorbency - always clean and dry sand

* Prevents odors and bacteria

* The shape of the pellets reduces them getting out of the box - they don't stick to the cat's paws.

Ingredients: bentonite 100%

Instructions for use: Fill the sandbox with white bentonite sand at least 6 cm thick. Remove lumps and add clean sand. If necessary, empty the sandbox completely before filling it with white bentonite and disinfecting.


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