Tuesday, May 17, 2022

GOURMET Gold Savory Cake KK 85g With beef and tomatoes

GOURMET represents a fascinating world of gastronomic delicacies for adult cats. GOURMET Gold offers a wide range of variants from which you can really choose every day. All GOURMET feeds are free of added artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors.
Meat pieces seduce your cat with a delicate velvety taste The
pieces in the juice are delicately cooked to perfection and supplemented with delicious juice
No preservatives and artificial colors
For all sweet tongues
No cereals
Ingredients: meat and animal by-products (of which 4% beef) protein concentrates, vegetables (7% dried tomatoes), fish and fish by-products, sugars, minerals

Analytical composition: Proteins 11%, Fat 7%, Fiber 0.10%, Inorganic substances 10%, Moisture 77%

 Ean: 7613035464032

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