Sunday, July 17, 2022

Doppio Passo Pinot Grigio 2021

 I do not recall in my memory when was the last time I wrote my thoughts here. Today (or yesterday, it depends on the location you are reading from ) I had to attend a party.

As I don't have a car yet, my friend had to pick me up in the evening to go to an open-air party.

I came home from work, took shower, and even did my make-up, which I do on really rare occasions. And then I waited, and waited. 

You could just send a message or call to tell me you are not coming to pick me up. I am not mad, but I am disappointed.

As I was going to drink some wine there, I opened the bottle at home. 5 hours later I am still drinking wine.

Please, don't be like my friend, just call or message if something changes, so the people waiting could seek other options to get to the party.

Just removed the makeup and put on my pajamas, so I could enjoy the rest of the night with some wine.

The wine I am enjoying tonight is Doppio Passo Pinot Grigio 2021

I will try to write more information on spirits, but as I drink alcoholic beverages very rare (except beer, on Saturdays), it will be not often

Doppio Passo Pinot Grigio 2021 Wine

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