Friday, August 26, 2022

Felix Junior With Chicken 4x85g

 FELIX® – an irresistible taste that satisfies 100% of your cat's daily needs! Each Felix Sensations meal contains delicate pieces of meat or fish served in a delicious and aromatic jelly, enhancing the taste and tempting smells.

All FELIX food products are made from high-quality and delicious raw materials that any smart cat will demand!
All FELIX products contain essential Omega 6 fatty acids, properly balanced minerals, and the right combination of vitamins (including D & E)

Ingredients Meat and animal by-products (of which chicken meat is 4%), vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish by-products, minerals, vegetable by-products, and various sugars.

Vitamins: vitamin A 1320 IU/kg, vitamin D3 185 IU/kg, vitamin E 20 mg/kg, Fe- 10 mg/kg,

Analytical parameters : Moisture 75.0%, proteins 15.4%, oils and fats 3.6%, ash 2.5%, fiber 1.0%, omega-6 fatty acid 0.4%


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