Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Westland Indoor Plant Soil, 4L, Soil with Clay Granules for Healthy Growth, Potting Soil for Ideal Water and Nutrient Distribution

 Westland Indoor Plant Soil, 4L

  • Optimal properties: The culture substrate consists of plant substances, clay, and fertilizers. The perlite contained in the potting soil provides perfect ventilation for indoor plants
  • Ideal nutrient supply: Granules and West+ technology form a sustainable water management system that promotes even distribution of nutrients and healthy root growth
  • Versatile: This potting soil with fertilizer is suitable for both planting and transplanting. The indoor plant substrate ensures healthy growing as well as strong flowering and green plants
  • Box contents & note - Westland houseplants soil in a 4-liter pack. This soil with flower fertilizer provides green and flowering plants with nutrients for approx. 6 weeks. Item number: 733476
  • With the extensive Westland range of innovative, high-quality products, every project will be a success, whether a rich green lawn, healthy indoor plants, or flowering plants in the garden
  • 4260376733575

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