Saturday, December 3, 2022

Sanitary pads Libresse Ultra Natural with aloe and chamomile 20pcs

 The new adaptive Cour-V technology used in these absorbent Libresse sanitary napkins adapts to the characteristics of your intimate area and provides the necessary protection even with the heavy flow during your period.

  • 3 absorption zones. Absorbent zones in the front, back, and middle create perfect protection in Libresse menstrual pads
  • Rapid absorption. The absorbent surface and special shape make these women's pads the perfect choice for heavy flow during your period.
  • Maximum adaptation. The specially shaped pad and wings make these pads extremely adaptable, allowing them to adapt to the shape of your intimate area and your secretions.
  • Packaging with reduced CO₂. The packaging contains at least 80% materials from plant-based, recycled, and/or sustainable biomass sources that reduce our carbon footprint
  • ROLL.PRESS.GO This technology makes these sanitary napkins very comfortable, easy to use, and safe to dispose of. Simply unroll the new gasket and then wrap the used one in the wrapper. Press the sides to close it and you're done. It is hygienic and convenient. Even if there is no place to throw away the used pad, you can put it in your bag knowing that the pad will not open: the Roll Press Go wrapper is securely fastened

Use Libresse, live smarter.


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