Saturday, December 10, 2022

Trixie Premio Mini Sticks, Chicken/Rice, 50g

 I have two kitten brothers, soon to be six months old. I am that cat who gives my cats the best food and eats cheap ramen myself  (that's what my extended family thinks). I got the kittens when they were 5 weeks old (I still think they were too small to part them from their mother), but the lady wanted them gone ASAP. They are the cuddliest cats ever.

I am buying all the kitten/cat food from Amazon because it is cheaper (delivery including), than buying it online here.

Sure, my cats are not picky eaters and eat all the food, regardless of the brand and flavor. For cat treats, I am buying Trixie products.

This time they finished Trixie Premio Mini Sticks, Chicken/Rice, 50g, and they always want more of the good stuff.

Trixie Premio Mini Sticks, Chicken/Rice, 50g

Pet Life StageAll Life Stages
Target speciesDog
Item FormGranule

About this item

  • Consists of juicy chicken meat and rice, in the form of small sticks
  • The gluten-free cat treat is a real palate treat for your cat
  • The delicious snack is particularly rich in proteins with a meat content of 67%
  • The formula of the mini sticks contains 0% added sugar
  • A particularly light and fine snack for in-between meals
  • 4011905427089

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