Saturday, December 3, 2022

Wet wipes for windows and mirrors with sea scent 40 pcs


Wet wipes


  • length: 22 cm
  • width: 18 cm
  • quantity: 40 pieces
  • smell: marine
  • raw material: 30% viscose, 70% PET
  • grammage: 45 g/m2

Wet wipes for windows and mirrors Anna Zaradna are intended for everyday cleaning of mirrors, windows, car windows, tiles, and other glass surfaces. They perfectly clean greasy and difficult dirt, leaving a delicate sea scent. They quickly and easily remove stains, fingerprints, and dust, giving the cleaned surfaces shine and shine. Perfect for the kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Wet wipes are a quick and reliable way to get rid of dirt from any surface.

How to use it?

Remove the cloth from the packaging. Wipe the surface. Discard the used cloth. Do not use for personal hygiene, do not apply to mucous membranes and damaged or irritated skin, and avoid contact with eyes.


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