Saturday, January 7, 2023


Kamille pancake pan with marble coating - convenient and practical to use. The pan is very durable and resistant to mechanical stress, which significantly increases its durability.

The pan heats evenly without creating hot or cold edge spots, even when cooking over a small burner. This reduces the cooking time and at the same time reduces the risk of food burning.


  • made of high-quality aluminum, handle-bakelite with "Soft-touch" coating
  • special  MARBLE coating, which has anti-adhesive properties, - prevents sticking, is resistant to scratches and high temperatures
  • walls and bottom heat up quickly and retain heat for a long time
  • diameter - 20 cm
  • height - 2 cm
  • It is suitable for use on all types of cookers, including induction


  • do not overheat the cookware
  • avoid the use of metal utensils used during frying
  • do not leave an empty pan on the hot burner after frying
  • keep cookware handles away from heat sources
  • do not keep hot oil in the pan unattended
  • do not store food in the pan after frying, use another container instead

Cleaning instructions:

  • after frying, cool the pan on a heat-resistant surface
  • do not cool the cookware by pouring cold water into a hot cookware
  • soak the cookware in hot water before cleaning
  • the dish should be cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water
  • do not use harsh cleaning agents


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