Friday, January 27, 2023

Unscented sanitary napkins 8+4pcs LULA

 Unscented sanitary napkins 8+4 pcsAbsorbent, soft, and pleasant to the touch - extra soft non-woven fabric. Anti-allergic, without the addition of harmful chlorine, without the addition of perfume. All raw materials used are completely odorless, "without odor" technology. The lack of a fragrance minimizes the risk of irritation and allergies. Thin, very comfortable, almost imperceptible during use, and completely imperceptible under clothing. A specially used superabsorbent that fills the entire pad increases its absorbency by up to 50% compared to other pads available on the market, so they are also suitable for heavy bleeding. Extraordinary absorbency guarantees greater comfort of use and gives certainty also during more abundant menstruation. They absorb liquids extremely quickly, which significantly reduces the risk of staining underwear. They have wings that prevent the sanitary napkin from moving and additionally protect the underwear from getting dirty. Hygienic packaging - each sanitary napkin is packed separately. Tolerance of product parameters: +/- 5%.

● length 1 sanitary napkin: 23.5cm
● width 1 sanitary napkin: 6.7cm (without wings)
● Quantity: 12 pcs
● color: white
● fragrance: NONE - WITHOUT ODOR technology
● extremely absorbent - superabsorbent fills the entire sanitary napkin
● extra soft
● safe - free from toxic compounds, chlorine, perfumes
● have wings
● hygienic packaging - each sanitary napkin separately
● adhesive leaves no traces on underwear
● biologically pure cellulose


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