Thursday, May 4, 2023


 Encanto Intense moisturizing bath and body oil with a nourishing formula, enriched with a complex of luxurious oils and a beautiful fragrance.

  • Application: as a bath additive or for use directly on the skin
  • Action: soothes and moisturizes dry skin for up to 48 hours
  • Main fragrance notes: ripe plum, jasmine, hazelnut

Treat yourself to luxurious skin care with Encanto Intense moisturizing body and bath oil. Enriched with a complex of luxurious oils, the formula of the cosmetic will be the perfect addition to a pampering bath, giving your skin long-lasting, even 48-hour hydration, and pleasant to-the-touch softness. You can also use it directly on the skin - it will soothe, smooth, and protect it from drying out. The cosmetic is quickly absorbed and leaves no traces, only an invigorating, lovely aroma.

How to use Encanto Intense moisturizing body and bath oil?

Pour a small amount of oil into the bath or spread it directly on the skin.

What do the different types of fragrance notes mean?

  • The top notes are the scent that reaches you first. Intense, dominant, and fresh, although it gives way to the next notes quite quickly.
  • The heart notes appear a few minutes later, and their fragrance lingers on the skin for a long time. The heart notes are the character of the perfume that you recognize a moment after taking in the first impression.
  • The base notes are the true depth of the perfume. What lies at the root of their creation. This fragrance wakes up at the latest and stays with you until the end.

Capacity: 100 ml


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