Thursday, July 20, 2023

Dry food for sterilized cats Josera JosiCat Sterilized Classic 18kg

 JosiCat Sterilized Classic –  tasty food for sterilized cats. The balanced mineral content contributes to a urine pH of 6.0-6.5, which prevents the formation of urinary stones.

Complete dry food for adult cats.

Composition:  Corn grains; Poultry protein, dried; Fig; Beet fiber; Greaves; Salmon, dried; Poultry fat; Hydrolyzed animal protein; Poultry protein, hydrolyzable; Vegetable fiber; Chicory root, ground (natural source of inulin) Minerals.

Feeding recommendations*

2-3 kg

45 - 60 g

3-4 kg

60 - 85 g

4-5 kg

​​85 - 100 g

5-7 kg

100 - 120 g

Weight* 24 hours

*Recommended amount of feed per pet per day.
It is necessary to provide your pet with constant and unhindered access to fresh drinking water.

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