Sunday, September 3, 2023

ALIUD PHARMA Agnus Castus AL, 100 Film-Coated Tablets: With medicinal plant monk's pepper, supports menstrual rhythm disorders

 Agnus Castus AL is a medication produced by ALIUD PHARMA in the form of 100 film-coated tablets. This medication contains monk's pepper, a medicinal plant that helps with menstrual rhythm disorders. For women who experience premenstrual complaints, Agnus Castus can help alleviate these monthly recurring symptoms before menstrual bleeding begins. Additionally, the extract from the fruits of this plant has been shown to lower prolactin levels and regulate hormone balance. In cases of menstrual rhythm disorders, Agnus Castus can help to normalize the rhythm. Women are recommended to take one film tablet per day at the same time for at least three months. Each pack of Agnus Castus contains 100 film-coated tablets, with each tablet containing 4.0 mg of dry extract from the fruit. This medication can be purchased using the product code 00739484.

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