Monday, October 9, 2023

Moisture Absorber with Pleasant Smell (Container + Refill 450g)

 This moisture absorber is designed to provide an optimal humidity level, creating a pleasant and healthy atmosphere in various environments such as homes, offices, warehouses, and camping areas. It effectively prevents the accumulation of moisture, the formation of unpleasant odors, and the growth of mold. The high-quality hygroscopic crystals used in this product ensure its effectiveness for several months.

How to Use this Product:

  1. Remove the outer foil and place the bag of hygroscopic crystals in the water collection container.
  2. The crystals will absorb excess moisture, maintaining an optimal humidity level of around 50%.
  3. This absorber functions without the need for electricity.
  4. When the crystals are saturated, simply dispose of the collected water down the toilet and discard the bag with regular household waste.
  5. To reactivate the absorber, refill the collection container with an original AbsoDry cartridge.
  6. One cartridge typically lasts about 3 months in a room of approximately 35 m3, but this can vary depending on temperature and humidity levels.

Package Contents: This set includes a container and an insert (bag) with a pleasant scent, totaling 450g.

How to Store the Product: Store the product in a tightly closed container, preferably in an area with a moderate temperature, and ensure it is kept out of the reach of children.

Barcode: 5902650662025

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