Saturday, November 18, 2023

Varta Superlife 6F22 zinc-carbon battery

 Product Description:

  • The VARTA Superlife zinc-carbon battery line is known for being reliable and affordable.
  • It combines excellent VARTA quality with cost savings.
  • Ideal for low-power devices such as wall clocks, clocks, or remote controls.
  1. Product Name: Varta Superlife 6F22 Zinc-Carbon Battery (blister)
  2. Manufacturer: VARTA, a German company and part of the Spectrum Brands group.
  3. Voltage: 9.0V
  4. Packaging: Blister pack containing 1 piece.
  5. Other Designations: 6LR61, 6LF22
  6. Size: 9V
    • Length: 25.5mm
    • Width: 16.5mm
    • Height: 47.5mm
  7. EAN (European Article Number): 4008496556427

This battery is suitable for various applications that require a 9V power source, particularly in devices with lower power consumption like wall clocks, regular clocks, or remote controls. The use of zinc-carbon technology makes it a cost-effective choice for such applications.

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