Saturday, December 2, 2023

CORK BASE, CORK PAD, 6PCS, 9.5X9.5 CM - Set of Six Coasters

 Enhance your table setting with the natural charm of our Cork Coaster Set. Crafted from high-quality cork material, these coasters provide a stylish and functional solution for protecting your surfaces while adding a touch of warmth to your decor.

Key Features:

  1. Set of Six Coasters: This set includes six cork coasters, allowing you to effortlessly protect your furniture from unwanted stains and marks in a coordinated and aesthetic manner.

  2. Warm Brown Color: The coasters come in a warm brown color, adding a natural and inviting element to your tabletop while complementing various interior styles.

  3. Natural Material: Crafted from natural cork, these coasters are not only environmentally friendly but also pleasant to the touch. The natural properties of cork make them a durable and sustainable choice.

  4. Excellent Thermal Insulation: Experience superior thermal insulation properties that help maintain the temperature of your beverage, keeping it hot or cold for longer periods.

  5. Perfect Dimensions: Each coaster measures 9.5 x 9.5 x 0.3 cm, providing ample space for cups, mugs, and glasses of various sizes.

  6. Lightweight Design: Weighing just 0.050 kg, these coasters are lightweight and easy to handle, making them convenient for everyday use.

  7. Beige Dominant Color: The dominant beige color adds a subtle and neutral tone, allowing these coasters to seamlessly blend with your existing tableware and decor.

  8. EAN Code: 8592381086909: The coasters are uniquely identified by an EAN (European Article Number) code for easy tracking and reference.

Elevate your dining and entertaining experiences with the CORK BASE, CORK PAD Coaster Set. Enjoy the combination of style, functionality, and eco-friendliness as you savor your favorite beverages with peace of mind.

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