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EMOS Extension Power Cord (3) 5m with Switch: Extend Your Reach with Convenience

 Enhance your power accessibility with the EMOS Extension Power Cord, a reliable solution designed for versatility and convenience. With a length of 5 meters and three power outlets, this extension cord is equipped with a switch for easy control, providing you with flexibility in powering multiple devices.

Key Features:

  1. Extended Reach:

    • With a generous length of 5 meters, the extension cord allows you to reach distant power sources, providing flexibility in arranging your devices.
  2. Three Power Outlets:

    • Featuring three power outlets, this extension cord enables you to connect multiple electronic devices simultaneously.
  3. Built-in Switch:

    • The integrated switch offers convenient control, allowing you to turn the power on or off without unplugging devices, saving energy and providing additional safety.


  • Type: Extension Power Cord
  • Length: 5 meters
  • Outlets: Three
  • Switch: Yes
  • Versatile Power Distribution:
    • Ideal for powering electronic devices such as laptops, chargers, lamps, and more.
  1. Convenient Switch Control:

    • Use the built-in switch to control the power flow, adding convenience to your electronic setup.
  2. Safe and Efficient:

    • Ensure that the total power consumption of connected devices does not exceed the cord's capacity for safe operation.

Barcode: 8595025313867

Expand Your Power Options with EMOS: EMOS Extension Power Cord with Switch is designed to simplify your power management, offering an extended reach and multiple outlets. Whether at home or in the office, this extension cord is a practical solution for powering your electronic devices conveniently.

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