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The Ultimate Protection with ALWAYS Ultra Day&Night Sanitary Napkins

 As women, we understand the importance of feeling confident and secure during our menstrual cycles. That's why choosing the right sanitary napkin is crucial to ensuring our comfort and peace of mind throughout the day and night. With ALWAYS Ultra Day&Night sanitary napkins, you can rest assured that you'll receive the ultimate protection no matter the time of day.

All-Day Protection

The ALWAYS Ultra Day&Night sanitary napkins are designed to provide comprehensive protection around the clock. Whether you're tackling your busy schedule during the day or enjoying a restful night's sleep, these thin pads with wings have you covered. The super absorbent midsole effectively locks in liquid and prevents side leaks, giving you the confidence to take on whatever the day brings.

Extra Length for Added Security

What sets ALWAYS Ultra Day&Night apart is its unique design tailored for different times of the day. These pads are 40% longer than regular sanitary napkins, offering extra coverage during the day and additional protection against leaks at night. Say goodbye to worries about staining your clothes or sheets – ALWAYS Ultra Day&Night has you protected.

Innovative Odor Neutralizing Technology

We all want to wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated in the morning, and ALWAYS Ultra Day&Night makes that possible. Thanks to its odor neutralizing technology, you can bid farewell to unwanted odors and start your day feeling confident and clean.

Thin Yet Powerful

Despite their impressive capabilities, ALWAYS Ultra Day&Night sanitary napkins remain incredibly thin at just 3mm. This means you can enjoy reliable security and protection against leaks without feeling bulky or uncomfortable. With ALWAYS Ultra Day&Night, you can experience up to 100% comfort without compromising on effectiveness.

Size 3 – Day&Night

The Size 3 variant of ALWAYS Ultra Day&Night is specifically crafted to meet your day and night protection needs. Whether you're on the move during the day or winding down for a good night's sleep, Size 3 ensures you have the right level of comfort and security.


When it comes to your menstrual hygiene, ALWAYS Ultra Day&Night sanitary napkins are the ultimate choice for all-day and all-night protection. With their super absorbent core, odor neutralizing technology, and extra length, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you're in good hands. Say hello to comfort, confidence, and worry-free periods with ALWAYS Ultra Day&Night.

Product Details:

  • Name: ALWAYS Ultra Day&Night Sanitary Napkins
  • Quantity: 28 pieces
  • Type: Thin sanitary napkins with wings
  • Size: Size 3 – Day&Night
  • EAN: 4015400489764

Experience the difference with ALWAYS Ultra Day&Night – because every woman deserves to feel confident and secure, no matter the time of day.

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