Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Space Mowgli By arkady And Boris Strugatsky

I am trying to write something about this novel, while watching TV show. And it is a big mistake. I cannot think what I want to write. I even lost my all ideas while watching TV. Now something about novel.
Novel describes events in 2160. story is told by Stanislav Popov, a space ship technican. the crew consists of 4 members - Stanislav Popov, Maya Glumova, Gennady Komov and Yakov Vandehuze.
Maya - woman can be Latvian, because she have Latvian name Maija (Maya).
As crew is working on planet, they finds that there is crushed space ship with two dead bodies. But there had to be three of them, a little baby. They found, that baby (now 12 years old) has survived, but someone has changed his body, probably it was changed so kid may live on planet where air temperature is -10-2 C.
Kid learned to talk in 4 hours after he met humans. he wanted to know answers on many questions. The novel ends with conversation between Popov and kid. Popov left one of his robots on planet so kid may call him every time. And after that they spend a lot of time video-talking.
Space Mowgli was translated in English and is published as story in Escape Attempt