Monday, November 23, 2015

Paypal Limited

This morning, I realized, that my Paypal account is limited to withdrawal money. I needed to verify my name and address. Luckily my scanner was working and I was able to scan my ID card. and for address verification I sent them my electricity bill. Thank God, it worked.
I was surprised, because they only limit your account when you withdrawal more than $500 in total. I use Paypal since 2007, but my total withdrawal is near $200 in these 8 years.
I needed to go eBay Business, because eBay assumed I was selling too much clothing. Yes, there were some kid clothing still with tags, but I have lots of my boy clothing and some of them never have been used. It happens every year after Christmas. some people just throw out unwanted gifts, but I try to sell them. and if I cannot sell, I donate them.
Have a nice day, readers!

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