Friday, September 7, 2018

Beauty Formulas Mouthrinse Soft Mint - 750

Extra Value Mouthrinse designed to help freshen breath. Especially formulated with flouride to help protect your teeth. Available in Alcohol Free Green Mint and Soft Mint.

This mouthrinse is in 750ml bottle. We are running out of this kind of stuff really fast, because it is used at least two times a day.
It is quite cheap and I bought it even cheaper, than you can buy it now on discount. It is available for 2.99 Euros.

I asked by kid if this product was good, and he said: "Can the mouthrinse be bad? I don't think so. I use what you buy".

This time I bought Dentica - Liquid oral hygiene FRESH MINT 500ml , it costs 2.41 Euros at my shop.

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