Sunday, September 30, 2018

Two Products From Sano

I have run out of my  Sano Maxima Bio Color Washing Powder 1.25. I like Sano producs and my two favourite washing powders are Sano Maxima Bio Color Washing Powder and Sano Maxima Javel Effect Washing Powder.
I tried also a new product for my white clothing. I was using bleach for washing whites. As I didn't have it in stock in the shop I used the last one, I bought Sano Stain Removal Oxygen Gel. now, I am in love with that product.  Sadly, I do not have it in shop anymore, so it needs to be ordered online. I still do not know if they are having last bottles available at the moment or they will be not stocking this product any more. I will find it out tomorrow.
It comes in 1L green  bottle. the gel is like purplish colour. I use 100ml per load. As I am doing one white load per week, it lasted for approx. 10 weeks. 6 Euros for 10 weeks is an acceptable price. Mine was expired in June 7th, but I still used it.
I do not have a stain removal or bleach to replace this one but I replaced my washing powder with Mini Risk White Washing Powder. It is quite expensive at my shop (8.07 Euros), but you can get it cheaper online.

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