Monday, January 28, 2019

Eco Laboratorie Micellar Water 200ml

I did not finish this product. It will expire in end of the February. Yesterday I packed it in my backpack as I was going to overnight party to my friends house, I took it with me, as I always do. I do not know, if it was the cold weather outside or the reason that it will expire soon, or both combined, but it was become turbid this morning when I used it.

It did not become transparent during the day, so I just poured it in the sink, and tossed the bottle in recyclables. I used this solution twice a day. This is the only product I use for m skincare routine.  I am not using cosmetics, and I am not using face creams or anything else.
This evening I tried Seal Micellar Water, and it is more better than this one. I have used Barry M mascara, and it was getting my eyes messy for 3 days every time I used it. With Seal Micellar Water mascara comes off really easy and I do not have messy black eye skin for days.

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