Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Extreme Classic - Baby Powder Scented Clumping Litter

 The hygienic
is made on the basis of sodium bentonite clay and due to the structure of its granules, it has a unique ability to instantly form a dense lump when animal feces get on the product.

  • The formation of a dense lump allows you to use the product more economically and keep the apartment clean.
  • The litter with IMPROVED FORMULA Baby Powder absorbs and clumps even better, does not let urine go to the bottom of the tray, neutralizes odors, is more economical, and does not generate dust!
  • Economical when used correctly - pour filler into a deep tray with a layer of 8-10 cm, regularly remove lumps that appear, maintain the required level of filler in the tray.
  • Suitable for different breeds of cats, especially for short-haired ones!
  • When using the filler - the hands of the owner of the animal, as well as the paws and tail of the cat - remain clean!

Caution: Wash your hands thoroughly after handling used litter. Pregnant women and people with immunodeficiency should be careful: sometimes there are parasites in cat feces that can cause toxoplasmosis. DO NOT throw used litter down the drain!

  • Barcode: 0777979580078

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