Sunday, March 10, 2019

Persil Duo Emerald Waterfall Washing Capsules 14pcs

Persil have Laundry Caps. Ariel and Tide have Pods.

Have finished Persil Duo Emerald Waterfall Washing Capsules 14pcs  while back. I got Limited Test Offer of 10.  I do like that I can rip off the outside of the packaging and recycle the paper and plastic. There was included perfume card, I assume, you can put it in your closet or drawer so your clothes smell nice. I recall in my memory my grandmother used to use soap for that.

For dazzling white laundry and a unique fresh scent
The two-chamber Persil capsule offers a highly concentrated gel with a powerful combination of 2 actions:
  • active ingredient preparation that removes even the most stubborn stains;
  • glamor formula, in the other part, for perfect purity and brilliant colors.

The other one I finished today was  Ariel liquid tabs Color 3in1, 14 pcs. This was so strong it even got rig of period stain on skirt I bought for resale on ebay. I think I replaced this with similar product for whites this morning.


  1. I have just bought it... Persil Emeral Waterfalls. I am very happy and curious. I hope it will work well. :) Greetings from SVK.

    1. Thank you for your comment and visit to my blog! I hope it will work the best for you!

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