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Hygienic Lipstick Stick Rescuer Tea Tree 4.6ml

Hygienic Lipstick Stick Rescuer Tea Tree 4.6ml

A series of lipsticks Rescuer® is based on natural ingredients - the perfect care and protection of the skin of the lips at any time of the year! The highly effective synergistic formula of the preparations intensively nourishes and softens the lips, protects the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight, tones, makes the color of the lips more even and saturated. The series can be recommended for the care of lip skin prone to the appearance of small cracks; intensively nourishes, softens, and moisturizes the skin of the lips. The preparations of the series have increased biological activity, have healing and regenerating properties, slow down the process of cell aging and smooth out small wrinkles around the mouth; contain rich multi-vitamin complexes, polyunsaturated fatty acids, micro, and macro elements.

Rescuer® Tea tree. Special hygienic lipstick based on natural tea tree oil. It has intense antiseptic, protective and anti-inflammatory properties. Effectively helps prevent the development of the herpes virus and herpetic eruptions, soothes the skin. Softness moisturizes and nourishes the lips.

Main characteristics
Barcode:: 5904913544864 

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