Monday, October 21, 2019

MAYERI Sensitive Capsules for washing clothes 18pcs

MAYERI Sensitive Capsules for washing clothes 18pcs
This was the new product in my store. I decided to try it out.
As I am washing my clothes in cold water when they are not dirty, but only need refreshing, this was the right product.
And the price for 18 pieces is reasonable too.

Laundry capsules with three compartments that contain detergent, stain remover and bleach. Capsules for washing colored and white linen in washing machines of any type. Effectively removes dirt when washing in hot and cool water. Fully soluble, do not leave residue on laundry or in the washing machine. Capsules contain Bitrex (a bitter substance that prevents a child from swallowing the capsule). It does not contain fragrances, dyes, and allergens, so it is suitable for people with sensitive skin and families with small children. The product has been awarded the environmental label Ecolabel and Nordic Swan

MAYERI Sensitive Capsules for washing clothes 18pcs, 6430034673118

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