Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Libresse Goodnight Maxi Sanitary Pads 10pcs


Libresse Maxi Goodnight Triple Protection

Reliable protection at night. Isn't it really perfect when you can have everything you want in a single sanitary napkin?

The Libresse Maxi Goodnight Triple Protection towels are designed specifically to offer unique comfort and reliable protection during sleep. The Libresse SecureFit towels offer Triple Protection and are designed to give you both great comfort and incredible protection. Our unique curve-hugging shape combined with anti-leakage side barriers give you extra protection, so you can wake up fresh and without any surprises. Our Roll.Press.Go wrappers have unique self-sealing edges on all sides, so you can hygienically seal your used towel inside it, then dispose of it. And because of the sealed Roll.Press.Go wrapper stays tightly secured even after disposal.

  • Fast Absorption Belt
  • Soft Surface
  • They have a unique shape with front and back that embrace your body and stay in place. SecureFit: unique front and rear shape that embraces your curves
  • 6 drop Fast Absorption Core
  • Thickness 6 ΜΜ
  • Lenght 320 ΜΜ
  • Wings for more self-confidence and security
  • Roll Press Go innovation for easy disposal and ultimate discretion
  • 7322540576474

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