Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Magilano SKYJO Action Card Game, 19,4

    Magilano SKYJO Action Card Game, 19,4
  • Your goal: a test of play round by skillful peg, change as soon as possible and collect playing cards, as a few points as possible. Done in the but only as long as players, not all the cards face up, it depends on how many plays round ends. So be careful; on behalf the game and the players at just the eye.
  • Large fun for your friends and family. Skyjo is a fantastically fun game card game, the children and also great playing friends (Adult) takes up very fun to play. The card game is ideal for short game time and is also an asset for a social of pretty even the bend.
  • You can find: – up to 100 Zweistellige numbers accumulate Lernen sums. Appreciate getting – a feeling for Chances. Concentration – gameplay, and hear players and your actions.
  • Quick start. Simple easy to Verstehendes game principle. Short of instructions with photos. Ideal for a short play between baths as well as the base game for fun and exciting games evenings. The game is Rundenbasiert and can be flexible by time play.
  • Spieler packed for 2 to 8 players. Age: 8 years +. Game duration: approx. 30 minutes. Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian. Material: 150 playing cards, 1 gamepad, 1 game instruction. Made in Germany.

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