Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Symphony Air Purifier For Pet Smells 300 ml

Neutral aroma with a subtle hint of citrus fruits.
• The active ingredients in the air purifier absorb organic volatile compounds, eliminating the cause of unpleasant odors.
• Antibacterial effect: the special complex TINOSAN SDS included in the composition destroys harmful microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, mold).
• 100% freshness and cleanliness in the house!
• Dry spray does not leave marks on furniture and wallpaper.
• Volume: 300 ml.
Symphony is a new sound for your home: aromas, like wonderful music, unfold note by note, plunging into a world of freshness, harmony, and comfort.
Maximum freshness with silver ions and antibacterial effect!
Symphony is:
• A rich collection of delicate, light, unique fragrances that create a mood every day.
• Variety of shapes and formats.
• Freshness and comfort in the house.


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