Monday, June 12, 2023

Laundry detergent Sano Maxima Bio Color 1.25kg

Concentrated phosphate-free washing powder Sano Maxima Bio Color with a high content of enzymes (Bio) ideally removes various complex contaminants - protein stains (blood, eggs), grass, chocolate, sauce, ketchup, fat, etc.
Sano Maxima Bio Color Laundry Detergent has been awarded the Platinum Mark Israel Institute of Standards.
Suitable for washing colored and white linen from cotton, linen, and synthetic fabrics at different temperature conditions. Sano Maxima Bio Color is suitable for all types of washing machines, effectively prevents the formation of limescale, softens hard water, and does not harm the fibers of the fabric. Also suitable for handwashing.
To achieve the best result, washing at 30 ° - 40 ° C is recommended.
Mode of application:
  • For 5 kg of ordinary washing - 1/3 of a measuring cup (36 g). For heavier soiling and bleaching, increase the amount of powder.
  • For handwash: dissolve the powder in warm water, then lay the laundry.

One pack is enough for 35 washing cycles.
Weight: 1.25 kg

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