Thursday, May 4, 2023

Sanitary pads Always Ultra Night (Size 4) 14 pcs

Always Ultra Night (Size 4) with wings is suitable for both day and night use and offers up to 100% protection, especially for your figure and discharge intensity. Ideal for moderate discharge and size of underwear L or for heavy discharge and size of linen M and L. Always Ultra Sanitary Pads have Secureguard protective loops and contain a gel that absorbs and retains moisture, helping prevent leakage. And thanks to the technology of odor neutralization, these gaskets block the unpleasant odor but do not mask it. Always Ultra sanitary pads with a thickness of only 3 mm give an incredible feeling of comfort and provide protection during menstruation. Choose reliable protection specifically for your body shape and selection intensity with Always MyFit.
Try Always Ultra Secure Night (Size 5) - Always Ultra's best sanitary pads for protection at night.
  • Up to 100% leakage protection Super absorbent inner layer containing fluid retention gel
  • Thanks to odor-neutralization technology, these pads block off an unpleasant odor and do not just mask it; have a light aroma
  • Sanitary pads do not irritate the skin (proven by dermatologists)
  • Ultra-soft topcoat for incredible skin comfort
  • Secureguard circuits retain moisture
  • 3 mm thick for an amazing feeling of comfort
  • With wings for fixing the gasket
  • 4015400032328


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