Thursday, April 27, 2023

Delimano Stone Legend Black Pot + Lid 20cm

 A true essential for every well-equipped kitchen, this multi-purpose pot with a lid is ideal for a wide range of uses, including simmering soups, slow-cooking pasta sauces, preparing grains, and boiling vegetables. Made of a steel-enamel combo with non-stick Quantanium coating, this latest addition to Stone Legend lines is a perfect choice for any chef that needs reliable cookware.

Stone Legend Black line – an elegant solution for your daily cooking tasks

Delimano’s Stone Legend Black Pot + Lid set provides exceptional performance combined with the impeccable beauty, durability, and quality. Its base is made of steel-enamel combo for an even heat distribution, and the coating is the 100% Quantanium coating, a staple from Delimano that adds both beauty and performance to everyday cooking. A Blac kline of Stone Legend includes timeless products crafted especially for the cooking enthusiast that loves both elegance and excellent cooking performance.

An essential for the kitchen

The Delimano Stone Legend Black Pot + Lid is ideal for creating stocks and sauces, cooking vegetables, pasta or seafood. The base made of a steel-enamel combo is providing exceptional performance, distributing heat quickly and evenly and combining impeccable beauty and durability. The Quantanium coating with real stone and titanium particles was designed to withstand repeated usage, even in the most demanding kitchens. Ideal for home and professional cooks alike.


Effortless food release and cleanup is a breeze

Quantanium coating is an absolute key advantage of this pot & lid set. This excellent coating is made with real stone and titanium particles that reinforce the surface and also make it completely non-scratch and non-stick. The real stones particles also store the heat and send it to the food gradually – the natural moisture, vitamins & flavor stay locked, well preserved inside the food. You can cook any type of food with minimum oil and release it effortlessly – the surface will prevent sticking at any given time.

After use just throw the pot in the dishwasher or wash it easily with a splash of soap and water.


Delimano Stone Legend Black Pot + Lid 20cm

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