Sunday, January 24, 2021

Wunder-Baum Zauberduft Magic Scent Air Freshener, ca. 11x7 cm

 Miracle Tree Magic scented air freshener, approx. 11x7 cm

Miracle Tree Magic fragrance
If you have in your car once again after the smoke smell, don't worry when you begin to magic scent of standing. The Air Freshener is available in twelve additional different scent varieties – all available separately in our shop – take a look around. Size (H x W x D): approximately 11 cm; W 7 cm
Instructions for use: air freshener The pleasant air freshener for the Car or at Home. Keep the air for about 7 weeks fresh and neutralizes unwanted odors. Box per week about 1 cm remove your device. The bag is used to control the intensity of the fragrance. Just Free Hang Up avoid contact with any surface. Not in the hands of children.

Wunder-Baum  Zauberduft Magic Scent Air Freshener, ca. 11x7 cm, 7612720201341

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