Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Cat litter Biokat's Bianco Fresh Bentonite clumping 5kg

 Filler Biokat's Bianco Fresh cat litter, 5 kg will make cat care much more pleasant and efficient.

Made of natural, high-quality environmentally friendly clay, which does not contain harmful and dangerous substances. The filler absorbs moisture very quickly (120%). Forms small, strong lumps that are easy to remove with a scoop, and the intact filler will remain dry and clean.

After removing the resulting small lumps, it is enough to add a small amount of filler, and not change it completely.

The filler does not form dust and does not leave marks on the cat's paws. You don't have to worry about your pet leaving marks behind. It has an antiseptic effect, prevents the growth of bacteria.

Application: Fill the washed cat litter box with a 7 cm high litter. Remove hard lumps of the litter daily. Add filler in an amount equal to that removed. Dispose of used filler with household waste. Do not flush the litter down the toilet!


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